Communication and Business Go Hand in Hand


The history of business communication dates as far back as communication itself. Effective business communications spell the success of any business endeavor, big or small.

By definition, communication is the process of sharing a common understanding of a certain concept. It doesn’t always have to be verbal. It can also be non-verbal such as bodily gestures or facial expressions. Whether verbal or non-verbal, what is most important is that the message gets across and gets understood. Communication may also manifest through visual objects. Others believe that the first forms of business communication where visual in nature, where instructions are presented as drawings or illustrations. In fact, drawings as a form of communication were useful in prehistoric times, before people developed alphabets.

Moving forward, the second form of communication is manifested through writings after people learned to use alphabets to form words that can be easily understood among groups or tribes. Eventually, crude writings developed over time until the printing press came into reality in the 15th century and people are more educated and more at ease with expressing themselves through spoken or written words.

As communication improved, so did business processes. With better written and oral communication skills, people are able to conduct trade or business more effectively. People learned to create documents to support business transactions. As time goes by and as technology advances communication in business just kept getting better and better. Telephones, computers, mobile devices, the Internet makes business run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible because there are now more ways to reach people no matter how far they are. People are now able to conduct business with people in other countries with the aid of emails and websites.

In addition, exchanges in products or services are facilitated by how easier it is to send or receive business messages. However, lest not forget that the most important aspect of communication is mutual understanding. At the same time, business communication must be two-way, which means not one party does all the talking or listening. Without effective communication, businesses are bound to fail. Furthermore, business communication must be formal whether is electronic, oral or visual. Formal communication makes parties appear professional and credible. Communication should allow an exchange of ideas and a confirmation that both parties have mutual understanding.

Therefore, one should never underestimate the power of business communication because it is the key to the success of a business.



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